The Many Faces Of Michael Fassbender


Here’s The Film4 ‘Frank’ Interview Special With Michael Fassbender I Told You About

It also features Domhnall Gleeson, Lenny Abrahamson & Jon Ronson


Some things will never change…


Michael went back to his school at home on Monday with adorable results:

HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Michael Fassbender has jokingly told pupils at his former primary school that his favourite memories of his eight years there all centered around break times.

The 12 Years A Slave star paid an…

"Michael Fassbender is a genius. He’s brave. He’s feminine. He’s masculine. Mr. Brando would be extraordinarily proud of you, sir. That’s who Michael Fassbender is. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do, nothing he can’t do." — Steve McQueen, 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards, 3/1/2014


Ladies and gentlemen, the fine art of bromance.


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